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Our Mission

ABcann's group of companies will be the first to produce repeatable, standardized, plant-based medicines worldwide.

ABcann will produce products with integrity in a customer focused culture where social responsibility and environmental impacts are mandated.

ABcann Global's Flagship Operation

ABcann Medicinals Inc. was one of the first companies to obtain a production license under the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations. Since 2014, we have focused on changing the face of medical cannabis. Today, every variable in our growing, curing and harvesting process is controlled and monitored by computer. This indoor, high-tech growing environment has resulted in a superior product that's clean, consistent and repeatable; qualities that physicians and patients are looking for.

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Capabilities Now and Into the Future


Phase 1:
Vanluven Facility
  • 14,500 sq. ft. facility in Napanee, Ontario
  • Completely licensed and fully operational
  • Additional bloom chamber to be added in H1 2017

Phase 2:
Kimmett Facility
  • Land owned for future build-out
  • 150,000 sq. ft. facility planned for Napanee, Ontario
  • Construction to begin Imminently

Future Expansion
  • 65 acres ready for development
  • 100% ownership
  • Estimated 1.2M sq.ft.
  • Power/water/waste infrastructure in place

Our Advantage

We have developed an exclusive, computer-controlled environmental system:

  • illustration of hand holding a plant Our system can replicate the natural environment of any geographical location for a product that is both superior in quality and repeatable from batch to batch.
  • illustration of a scale graph We have custom, scalable growing chambers with proprietary lighting, which we can replicate anywhere in the world.
  • illustration of a plant Organic fertilizers and soil media, with no pesticides, permit us to deliver products which are natural and safe.
  • illustration of a growing chamber A clean, strictly controlled indoor environment eliminates the need for pesticide application

ABcann's advanced growing technology not only creates a consistent, organically grown, pesticide free standardized product - but the computer-controlled environment brings costs DOWN

Read our: Abcann Global Corporation Corporate Governance Policies And Procedures | Code Of Business Conduct | Insider Trading Policy